act-test-prepGeneral Test-Strategies

Students can be taught basic test-taking strategies, which will help them to do their best on both standardized, and regular classroom tests. At Stepping Stones, we help students learn to carefully read test questions, look for clues, narrow down choices, and use their time wisely during timed tests.

SAT and PSAT Preparation

Stepping Stones has a long tradition of assisting students in preparing for the PSAT and SAT. Our courses are individualized and incorporate content review as well as test-taking strategies.

SAT Preparation Course

Our unique SAT Reasoning Test Preparation Course is designed to help high school students become more self-confident and well prepared for the important SAT test. Our unique, ten-week course is completely individualized based on an initial practice diagnostic SAT. Following the initial full-length diagnostic, students meet with a math tutor and a verbal tutor each once per week for 10 sessions each. Practice tests are provided before each session and homework is assigned based on each students needs and goals. Students are provided with a prep book and binder with resources and practice. A mini-SAT diagnostic is provided in the middle of the course, and a second full-length final diagnostic is provided at the end of the course. Because we offer private sessions instead of group classes, experienced teachers work directly with students on skills needed to raise SAT scores and on each student’s most effective test-taking strategies. Students will use their time more efficiently without having to sit through instruction on material they already know.

PSAT Preparation Course

Our PSAT/NMQST program is also a completely individualized course, which is designed to familiarize the student with this “junior SAT.” This examination is used to qualify students for Merit Scholarships and other scholarship and enrichment programs. It also serves as an introduction to the SAT testing experience.

Stepping Stones’ PSAT course encompasses a five-week period–sixteen hours total–and includes an initial PSAT practice diagnostic, practice testing and instruction. Students meet individually with specially trained PSAT teachers for math and verbal sessions. During the sessions the teachers give an overview of the PSAT, discuss the various types of questions and strategies for answering them, and cover scoring and test-taking techniques and approaches.

ACT Preparation

The ACT, which was developed to reflect what is taught in a typical high school curriculum, is another admissions test equally accepted by colleges. Stepping Stones has an individualized course which helps students review content in the English, reading, mathematics and science sections of this test, as well as the optional Writing Test required by some colleges. Content review, practice testing and test-taking strategies are incorporated into each student’s program. This course also begins with a full-length diagnostic and then an individualized course is created for each student based on their needs and goals.

AP and SAT Subject Tests

Helping students get ready for AP and SAT subject tests is also an important part of the Stepping Stones program. Stepping Stones’ instructors design individually tailored sessions in order to assist students in reviewing material and concepts for any of the AP and SAT subject tests. Content review, practice testing and test-taking strategies are incorporated into each student’s program.

Independent School Test Preparation

Stepping Stones offers a carefully-designed program to assist students who are applying for independent school entrance. Students who wish to successfully prepare for taking one or more of several tests (HSPT, ISEE, SSAT) as part of the admissions process can often benefit from focused time spent preparing for the testing experience. Our program addresses the individual needs of each student as he/she embarks on the admissions process.

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