Our Staff

Our Teaching Staff

The teaching staff at Stepping Stones consists of instructors with graduate-level training, many of them holding teaching credentials and advanced degrees. Personalized attention and individualized sessions are the hallmark of our program.

The staff at Stepping Stones cares about each student and works diligently yet gently to:

  • Accurately assesses the needs of each student
  • Teach the learning “process” as much as “content”
  • Develop independent study habits
  • Motivate each student to reach his/her highest potential
  • Foster self-reliance
  • Help students recognize their strengths and gifts

Stepping Stones staff receive academic coaching training and take time during every session to help students get organized, prioritize tasks, and make a plan for preparing for tests and projects.

Employment Opportunities

If you are interested in employment opportunities with Stepping Stones, have a passion for helping students succeed, and a background of tutoring or classroom teaching experience, please feel free to contact Anna Hasbun by emailing a cover letter and resume to email@steppingstones.net.

Click here for an electronic version of our Employment Application.